• Barkey plasmatherm

    Thawing during cell manufacturing

Cell therapy is one of the fastest-growing segments in life-science. Immunotherapy approaches based on CAR-T technology are very promising to fight cancer and other diseases while activating the patients own immune system. The Barkey plasmatherm provides a reliable solution to thaw cells during the entire process from collection to administration to patient (both autologous and allogenic).

The Barkey plasmatherm is a reliable and dry thawing device for gently thawing cells in the cryochain.
Since the Barkey plasamtherm is a dry tempering system, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced compared to open water baths.

Devices – and thus process data – can be recorded electronically during the manufacturing process using the “Barkey Logging Tool TCP” software.

The Barkey plasmatherm is registered worldwide and we ensure a global service for our devices.

The Barkey plasmatherm complies to the following

  • cGMP
  • US FDA 510 (k) cleared
  • EN ISO 13485: 2016


#COInsights with Chris & Olga – The Cell & Gene Talk

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Topic: “COVID-19 Impacting Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing”


  • Bruce Levine (PhD, Founder and Inventor of Kymriah),
  • Lizette Gaballero (CAR T Apheresis Site Liaison for Janssen),
  • Luca Alberici (PhD, MBA, Chief Business Officer of MolMed)


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Topic: “Bringing Revolutionary Therapies to the World: Carl June, MD + Emily Whitehead Fateful Story”


  • Carl June, MD (Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, USA),
  • Tom Whitehead (Father of Emily Whitehead, Co-Founder of the Emily Whitehead Foundation, US


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